Juniors 2021-22 Season



Welcome to the 2021/22 season. 


We are all still waiting to see how the COVID-19 situation plays out - so at this stage all the information on this page is subject to change.


We are hoping that the Junior Season will start on Saturday 9th October 2021.


Wendouree Cricket Club have introduced a Code of Conduct that is applicable across the whole club.  Please make sure you have read this code of conduct and discussed it with your child.  As part of the registration process this year, you will be asked to acknowledge that you have read and understood the Code of Conduct and that you and your child agree to be bound by it.

There are also some consent terms and conditions for junior membership this year that relate to the club taking photos of the the kids and sharing your personal information with the Melbourne Renegades as part of their Membership Program.  These consents can be found by clicking here.


This season the BCA age groups will remain as U13, U15 & U17.

The 'cut-off' date is 1st September - so as long as you are still 12 years old on September 1st you qualify for U13's.  If you turn 13 on September 2nd or later, you are still eligible to play U13's for the whole season.  Same principle applies for U15 & U17.


We expect the Junior Season will start around Friday 8th October (U13's)

with the rest of the Juniors (U15's & U17's) starting on Saturday 9th October.


Our U17 ALL GIRLS team (Tuesday night) will commence around mid-October and the U11's (Wednesday Mid-week 'Primary School' Comp) will commence around the end of October.


Click here to go to the Wendouree Girls Cricket page to get all the details.




Please note that the U13's will play on a Friday night this season as with last year.  There are modified rules/game formats for this age group (slightly shorter pitch, smaller boundaries and only 9 players per team). These changes were implemented several years ago at the direction of Cricket Australia who recognised that there was a need for some modifications until the kids become strong enough to bowl the full length of the pitch.  These modifications have been very successful and enhanced the fun and excitement of the game for this age group.

Click here to watch a clip explaining the modified format that relates to the U13's.  We will explain all the details to the kids at training and to the parents at our season launch.


At this stage it is only the U13 Boys and the Girls competitions that will have a modified format - but this clip gives you a idea of where things are heading and the rationale behind the changes. 



Parent Helpers Needed

We need parents of each child to help out with a number of jobs each week.  We will be using the Sign-Up Genius App this year, so check what team your son is in, then visit this site and sign up for jobs with your son's team.

We need scorers every week!!



Download the Team App on your Smart Phone, register with us and stay up to date with all the important news and announcements from The Redcaps.



New Families

Unfortunately due to the popularity of the Wendouree Junior Program, there are very limited places available for new players.  If you are new to the club and want to join us, please contact one of our Junior Co-ordinator - David Knight 0431 581 901 to discuss your situation and to check if there is a place available in the applicable age group for your child BEFORE completing an online registration.



Online Registration/Payment


All Junior Players must register and pay their fees online this year through the Cricket Australia MyCricket website. We no longer accept cash payments. 

You can register and pay your 2020/21 fees now by clicking here: Online Registration   During the registration process you will be asked for your MyCricket ID - if you do not know this number, you can click on the 'Forgot your MyCricket ID' link and you can then search your name and look it up.


Everyone who has played cricket before or been part of the Woolworths Junior Blasters Program will have a MyCricket ID.


If you still can't find your MyCricket ID or are having problems with your account or password, please contact and he will send you your login details and/or reset your password.  DO NOT create a new ID as this causes major problems with the system and we end up with kids registered twice and with duplicate records on the system.


Due to BCA rules and Club insurance requirements, players will not be permitted to play until registered online and payment has been made.



Fees for all Junior age groups in the 2021/22 season will $210.


See below for the 'Family Discount' that will be in place for the first time this season.


The Season's fees are 'all inclusive' - there are no other weekly payments needed for umpire fees, no 'ball money' and no raffle tickets or fund-raisers.  Plus there is the added bonus of the Renegades Membership pack this season!


Payment in full MUST be made before the first game or your child is not covered by insurance and under the BCA rules is ineligible to play.  If your circumstances make payment in full difficult, please contact Natarsha Williams to discuss an alternative.




The default position is that TRAINING IS ALWAYS ON.  If training is cancelled for any reason, a message will be sent out via the Team App. Even if it is overcast or looking like rain, there is still plenty we can do.


All junior training sessions run to the following times: Arrive at 4.45pm for a warm up - Training starts at 5.00pm sharp til 6.30pm


There will be 2 weeks of combined training for all age groups across the club before the teams break off to train on their individual nights.



The Training Schedule after the Season Launch is as follows:

Under 13's - Monday evenings Starting - TBA 

 Under 17's - Wednesday evenings. Starting - TBA 

Under 15's - Friday evenings Starting - TBA 


Under 11's - Sunday mornings @ 10.00am - From - TBA 


Girls - Sunday Morning @ 10.00am from - TBA 



2021/22 Teams

The Junior Coordinators and Junior Coaching Panel are well advanced with our planning for our teams and the structure of the Redcaps Junior Program for the 2021/22 season. 


The coaches have met regularly in the off season to discuss all the kids in our program individually.  We have assessed their progress & skill level and sought to place them into a team that is appropriate to their ability.  Please have confidence in the Junior Coordinators and coaching panel that they have the best interests of your child at heart when they allocate them into a team and they do so believing that your child is ready for their next step of their cricketing journey. 


As with all seasons, team compositions are fluid for the first few weeks and kids are moved up or down into other grades as needed to ensure they are playing at the appropriate level for their ability and confidence.

The exact composition of the teams will be finalised once our outdoor training starts and the team lists will then be communicated to the kids and parents.



2021-22 Under 11's - Wednesday After School Comp

This competition is expected to commence on towards the end of October 2021. 


We anticipate fielding 3 teams in this competition this year. 


Further details of this competition will be posted as soon as they become available

Family Discount

This year we will be offering a Family discount to recognise the significant financial contribution that some families make to the club.  The fees/discount will be as follows:

Child 1 - $200 (no discount)

Child 2 - $180 ($20 discount)

Child 3 - $160 ($40 discount)


The discount will be applied by way of a reimbursement of the above amounts after payment of the full amount has been received by the club.  Please contact one of the junior co-ordinator (David Knight) or the Junior Registration Co-ordinator, Natarsha Williams to ensure you receive the discount if you are eligible.