Policies and Codes of Conduct

The safety and well-being of children is paramount at Wendouree Cricket Club.

This page contains links to our policies and guidelines.




Statement of Commitment to Child Safety



Wendouree Cricket Club (WCC) recognise that Children need special care and attention. As such, WCC is committed to the protection and safety of Children. WCC aim to protect the welfare of Children involved in the sport of cricket by creating, implementing and complying with the following measures.


In recognising the need for an emphasis to be placed on the safety of Children in cricket, WCC are committed to:


(a) ensuring the safety and wellbeing of Children who participate in Wendouree Cricket Club activities and ensuring that their experiences within cricket are positive;


(b) ensuring Children are empowered and know what behaviour is and is not acceptable;


(c) ensuring Children know how to report (and where to report) an incident if and feel empowered to do so if they are either subject to, or become aware of, potential abuse or misconduct;


(d) prioritising and addressing the concerns of Children in relation to their safety;


(e) undertaking thorough screening processes to reduce the risk of people with improper motives being involved in WCC's activities.


(f) communicating openly with parents of Children and always ensuring safety of Children is paramount; and


(g) remaining vigilant to ensure best practice standards in relation to Child safety are utilised in delivering WCC's services and activities.



WCC will, in addition to the above, also take reasonable steps to promote the cultural safety of Aboriginal Children and Children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds as well as promoting the safety of Children with a disability.


The Wendouree Cricket Club have formally adopted and fully endorse the Cricket Victoria Member Protection By-Law




How do we protect children within our club?


We have implemented a number of policies and procedures that ensure we provide the safest environment possible for children.  At Wendouree we insist that all our coaches have current Working With Children Checks that are validated each season. 

The following policies are designed to reinforce the positive culture that exists at our club. The policies also provide all members, coaches, players, parents and supporters with a clear statement of the standards of behaviour that we expect at The Redcaps.

A number of these policies have been taken and/or adapted from the Australian Sports Commission guidelines found at






Coaching & Other Club Accreditation






What should I do if I suspect that a child is being sexually abused?


The law in Victoria (sec. 327 of The Crimes Act 1958) now places strict obligations on adults to inform Police when they have information that leads them to believe that a sexual offence has been or is being committed against a child. This includes grooming and online sexual abuse.


If a person over 18 years old has information that leads them to believe that a child under 16 years old is being sexually abused by an adult, they MUST report this to the Police as soon as practicable.


If you have such information and you do not report it to the Police, you may be liable to prosecution yourself.  You cannot make the report anonymously, but your identity will be protected. 


Click on this link for more information about your duty to report information about child sexual abuse to Police.


If you are not sure what to do please speak to our Child Safety Officers - Tim Argall or David Knight. 


It is important that you do not ignore this - we all have a responsibility to take action and the club will fully support you throughout the process.




How do I register a complaint or tell someone at the club about a concern I have?


Complaints Handling/Child Safety Officer

We have a member within our club who has been trained in relation to handling complaints and providing information in relation to our policies and processes.   Tim Argall is a trained Member Protection Information Officer and has undertaken training in relation to the following areas:

  • Child Protection
  • Complaint Handling
  • Harassment and Discrimination

Tim Argall should be your first contact for any complaints or issues you have with the club.  Tim will offer you confidential advice and/or assistance on how to resolve any issues you may have. 


In most cases, complaints and issues can be resolved quickly through an informal internal process.  However in some cases, your complaint may need to be escalated and reported to either Cricket Victoria, Cricket Australia or in serious cases Victoria Police.


Tim can be contacted on 0412 344 345 or via email: