This page contains useful information and links for junior coaches


Training Sessions

Under 12 - Sunday 10.00am - 11.15am

Under 13 - Monday 4.45pm - 6.30pm

Under 14 - Friday 4.45pm - 6.30pm

Under 16 - Wednesday 4.45pm - 6.30pm

Under 14 Girls - Sunday 10.00am - 11.15am




Team Lists

Prior to the scheduled start of play on the first day of any match the Two Coaches (Home and Away Teams) shall provide completed Team Lists printed from MyCricket. Manual changes can be made prior to signing. The team named must match the team named on My Cricket. The signed (by Coaches) Team Lists, are held by the appointed Umpire/s, if no Umpire is appointed then by the Home team Coach.

Click here for instructions on how to print the team lists.



Game Day

Coaches should ensure you are at the ground before 8.00am ready for when your players arrive.  If you are the 'home team' you have the added responsibility of conducting the safety check of the ground, placing the boundary markers around the ground and setting up the stumps.  You may need to allow additional time for these tasks is you don't have an allocated assistant for this.

Junior Games are scheduled to commence at 8.30am sharp.

The expectation is that all Wendouree junior players arrive at the designated ground NO LATER than 8.00am.  This ensures that:

  • There is sufficient time for a warm-up
  • All players are present for the team briefing and understand the game plan and their individual role
  • The toss can be conducted early to allow for planning of the day
  • Players do not feel rushed and have enough time to mentally prepare for the game and their role


The stumps must be in place and the toss conducted no later than 8.15am.

Coaches should either conduct or delegate the completion of the Game Day Check List (a safety check of the ground and conditions).  This is easily done using the JLT Cricket Match Day App on your phone and takes about 5 minutes.


You can download this app with these links:

Apple Link

Android Link



The Toss

As per the etiquette of cricket, the toss is conducted by the home captain in the presence of the umpire and visiting captain - the visiting captain ‘calls’.







Under 16 1st XI teams are required to score 'live' using the MyCricket Scoring App.  The home team is responsible for the 'live' scoring and the 'away' team should score manually in their score-book to provide a backup.

Download the MyCricket Scoring App with these links:

Apple iPad

Android Mobile

Android Tablet

All other Junior Teams must score manually in their score-book.  There are 2 innings each morning that last approx 90 minutes each.  A scorer is required for both of those innings.  



MyCricket Score Input


Saturday Matches

All Clubs named as the ‘Home’ team shall enter into MyCricket all match data for both competing teams ensuring it is correct for statistical and reporting purposes.

All match data shall be entered by 12.00 noon on the day after the match concludes.


Sunday Matches

As per Saturday matches, except that all other grades are to be lodged by 7.30pm on the Sunday of the match


Disputed Results

Where there are no officially appointed Umpires at a match, at the conclusion of the game, Coaches shall endorse and counter sign each score-book, in so doing, agree to the official scores and the match result. Once signed, no dispute from this match re scores/result would be heard by the Pennant/Appeals Committee’s.

If scores/match result cannot be agreed upon, the score-books will be exchanged and both teams Coaches will be responsible to contact the Chairman of the Pennant Committee to arrange to lodge the opposition score-book without amendment.


Ground Reports/Umpire Appraisal

Junior Coaches are responsible for completing the Ground Condition Report and Umpire's Appraisal questionnaire.

Click here for instructions on how to do this.