About the U12 Program


Ballarat’s iconic mid-week cricket program for primary school aged children was born to our local Primary Schools in season 1977/78, the brainchild of then primary school teacher, Garry Snowden.


It has been widely supported ever since by our passionate cricket community. Games have been played on Wednesday afternoons since inception and are conducted during the daylight saving period.  Click here for the details of the U12 Program from the BCA Co-ordinator Mark Ryan


The U12 program is the perfect introduction to cricket for kids in grades 4-6 and provides the perfect transition from Milo Cricket to the U13 hard-ball competition on a Friday night.


The U12 Program at Wendouree Cricket Club is extremely popular. For the past few seasons we have had 3 Under 12 teams.  For the last 5 years we have had an alignment with Pleasant Street Primary School and we have entered a Pleasant Street ‘Redcaps’ team under the Wendouree Cricket Club banner.

We sincerely hope that you and your children are able to join with us as we again enjoy this unique summer time fun opportunity.




The Under 12's train on a Sunday morning at the nets off Norman Street from 10.00am.  This is the same time as the Milo Cricket kids undertake their program and the U14 girls train.  This is the perfect opportunity for families who have several kids (boys and girls) in different age groups to have them all participate/train at the same time on a Sunday morning.


Parental Assistance


We have a large number of very dedicated coaches at Wendouree Cricket Club who assist us with our U12 program.  Many of these coaches also coach one of our U13, U14 or U16 teams and have full time jobs.  For this reason, we rely heavily on parental involvement/support at games on a Wednesday afternoon - as coaches are not always able to get to the games on a Wednesday.

Wednesday Games


Ideally a team will comprise 10 players - this allows for 5 pairs.  However additional players can be accommodated and flexibility it the key.


Click here for the 2016/17 U12 Fixture


Click here for the U12 Score-sheet

Games start as close to 4.15pm as possible and should conclude no later than 6.30pm.


Games are 20 overs for each side.


Kids bat in pairs for 4 overs each (depending on the number of kids in the team on any given day).  If there are 12 players (6 pairs) they each bat for 3 overs each and 2 pairs will bat for 4 overs (as long as it adds up to 20 overs)


If kids go 'out', they just swap ends and keep batting (3 runs are deducted for each wicket lost). Each bowler bowls 2 overs.


The main tasks on a Wednesday afternoon at the game is just to organise kids into batting pairs and ensure that everyone gets a bat and a bowl.


It's important that there are NOT more than ten fielders on the ground at any given time - Crowded fields give batters little chance to score. If you have more than 10 players in your team, rotate players off the ground so that everyone gets a go.  The easiest way is that after the bowler finished his over, he/she rotates off for one over.


All fielders MUST be a safe and fair distance from batters. A wicket keeper and slip fielder might be closer. Cooperative management and flexibility between coaches and supervisors provides the perfect mentoring model.